Ends on January 17, 2020

Application Guidelines 

MISSION:  The Norman Arts Council shall enrich the Norman community by stimulating artistic, cultural and economic growth through the support and promotion of the arts.  

ELIGIBILITY:  The Norman Arts Council (NAC) is calling for grant applications for Arts Project Support and Community Based Operational Support. Applicants must have non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) or equivalent status and be located in Norman, Oklahoma.  All projects must occur in Norman and take place in an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant space. 

APPLICATIONS:  All applications will be submitted online at www.http://normanarts.submittable.com/submit . Applications may be accessed at this website starting on November 7, 2019.  It is encouraged that submitted application forms be printed and saved by the applicants. 

MANDATORY MEETING:  Organizations wishing to apply for Arts Project Grants OR Community Based Operational Support Grants MUST attend one of two Mandatory Grants Workshops: Monday, November 4th at 7:00pm or Wednesday, November 6th at 4:30pm.

DEADLINE: The deadline for 2020 – 2021 grant applications is 11:59pm, Friday, January 17, 2020. Early submission is encouraged.  All questions should be addressed to the NAC office or at the mandatory training sessions.  Individual help is available for applicants who request it prior to the deadline. 

Applicants for this grant may not apply for Arts Project Grants.  

COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION:  An arts organization based in Norman, OK that is not university related.


(Maximum award - $25,000)

Applicants for this grant may not apply for Arts Project Grants.  

COMMUNITY BASED ORGANIZATION:  An arts organization based in Norman, OK that is not university related.

NOTE: Organizations wishing to apply in this category must receive approval from the Norman Arts Council before applying.

A community based arts organization may apply for organizational support for the year-round activities of the organization.  A potential award will not exceed $20,000 for the fiscal year and will not exceed 15% of the organization’s current yearly budget in Norman.  Each applicant will be required to provide a detailed plan for the use of the organizational support documenting how the funds would be used to 1.) Enhance the organization’s scope and mission in comparison to past years and 2.) Strengthen the management of the organization.  Recipients of this grant will be required to acknowledge the support of the Norman Arts Council as a major sponsor of all the organization’s activities, except fund-raising events.  The Grants Review Panel will recommend the award amounts up to the allowable amount.  

Organizations in this category will be awarded their grant funding for two years. This grant application will only be available every other year. In the event that the funds available for the grant is reduced or cancelled by the City of Norman, the parties will agree in their contract that the amount of granted may be reduced accordingly or the agreement may be cancelled in its entirety upon written notice of the Norman Arts Council.

COMPLETE APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT:  Incomplete applications will not be accepted or reviewed.

Applicants will be required to submit the following during the application process:

a)  Submit a detailed plan for the use of the organizational support documenting how the funds would be used

b)  List methods for acknowledging the support of this grant

c)  Describe the plan of evaluating the effectiveness of this grant

d)  Describe the organization’s effort to promote cultural equity through awareness and involvement within our community.

e)  Be prepared to upload the following documents:

·  Copy of current strategic plan for the organization

·  Copy of the applicant’s federal non-profit 501 (c)(3) exemption status letter

·  List of current Board of Directors and Officers

·  Copy of the current year’s budget   

·  Applicant’s last Form 990 or Form 990-EZ. If Form 990-EZ is used most recent end-of-year financial statement must also be submitted. 

·  List of employees and/or contract positions with job descriptions

·  Copy of the organization’s history

·  Copy of Secretary of State Charitable Organization Registration Certificate reflecting active status

DURATION OF AWARDS AND FUNDING ALLOCATIONS:  The Organizational Support covers the fiscal year of July 1 through June 30 annually for two consecutive years.  Applications may request up to 50% of their award when submitting their mid-year report (due December 31), which summarizes the successful use of the funds and notes of any major changes to their original plan for the use of the funds to date.  NAC withholds the balance of the award until the submission of an approved Final Report, due by August 15. 

YEAR END FINAL REPORT:  The Final Report is due by August 15 annually.  The Report will ask for a description of the organization’s activities, key achievements, and any planned goals that were not achieved.  It should also include copies of all programs, brochures, flyers, original press releases, news clippings, and related documents.   In addition, the Final Report will ask for detailed information such as; 1.) Estimated number of audience attendees/participants, by age, for all programs, 2.) Estimated number of hotel stays generated throughout the year, 3.) Number of artists involved throughout the year, 5.) Number of volunteers involved throughout the year, 6.) Total of sales tax collected for the year (both by organization and vendors.)  Grant recipients must retain accounting records and supporting documents for three years following the completion of the project.  NAC shall have access to these records as necessary for audits, examinations, and other purposes.  

Remaining award funds will automatically be forfeited by any organization that fails to submit a final report by the above deadline. Failure to submit the final report will be noted in the organization’s file and will be taken into consideration by the Grants Award Panel during the next granting cycle. If extenuating circumstances make it impossible for an organization to meet this deadline, the organization must contact the NAC prior to the deadline.